Policies, Guidelines, and Rules

The Recovery Home Vision

The Recovery Home was established to provide a safe drug-free environment for people seeking recovery.  Recovery doesn’t stop once you’ve completed treatment, it’s the beginning of a new way of life!!

Our purpose is to offer a continuum of outpatient care once an individual completes an inpatient treatment program.  We believe this starts with love and compassion, as well as support around life goals while helping a person integrate into society.

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Entry Requirements

recovery home common area

The Recovery Home’s program is designed to support men who are at least 18 years of age.  We are currently unable to support female clients or clients under the age of 18.  Other than the few restrictions mentioned above, The Recovery Home does not discriminate in its entry requirements on the basis of age, race, ethnicity, creed, religion or lack of, sexual orientation, or disability.

Prospective clients need to demonstrate the following:

  • Successful completion of an inpatient drug/alcohol treatment program
  • Able to provide a clean (negative) drug screen at the point of intake
  • A desire to stay clean, and willingness to participate in a 12 step/recovery-based pathway
  • Respect and courtesy of others while participating in a communal living environment


Program Guidelines

The Recovery Home is a structured environment utilizing peer support and accountability to create new sustainable habits and life patterns.  This involves 12 step meetings, Certified Substance Abuse Councilor groups and classes, Morning meditations, and Certified Peer Support meetings.  While learning how to stay clean from substances we also stress the importance of taking personal responsibility for your space and keeping it clean.


The Recovery Home Zero Tolerance policy

These guidelines are to ensure the safety of our clients as well as to help understand what is expected of them.  Please note these guidelines are subject to change as we support each individual on their unique path to recovery.

  1. Clients are to abide by guidelines and house rules at all times
  2. The client will be discharged upon returning to use, of any and all legal or illegal, mind or mood-altering substances. This rule applies to the misuse of prescribed medications as well
  3. The client must submit to drug and alcohol screens at regularly scheduled times, as well as any other time asked to do so
  4. The Recovery Home will not tolerate racism/bigotry of any kind.
  5. No guests in any bedrooms for the first 60 days of being admitted into the program
  6. The client is subject to discharge for committing any illegal activity, either on or off The Recovery Home property
  7. No Violence, threats of violence, or weapons of any kind allowed on the property
  8. If a client has knowledge of another member breaking any of these rules and fails to inform staff, the client will be subject to discharge


Drug and Alcohol Policy

The Recovery Home is a drug and alcohol-free environment.  Any use, possession, storing, consuming, or being under the influence of any legal or illegal substance is strictly prohibited.  Any possession of drug paraphernalia of any sort is strictly prohibited.  No persons seeming to be under the influence of any substance will be allowed on the property.  If a guest is under suspicion of being under the influence of any substance, legal or illegal, said guest will be asked to submit to a drug/alcohol screen before being allowed on the property.

Clients are required to submit to 3 drug screens per week, with no exceptions.  The client must also submit to an alcohol breathalyzer test whenever requested.  Refusal to submit to these screenings will be interpreted as a “failed” drug/alcohol screen and client will be subject to discharge.  Samples may also be sent to a licensed and accredited lab for further analysis at clients’ cost.

Clients must provide a complete and accurate list of any and all lawfully prescribed medications, as well as dosing instructions and milligram amounts.  The client must also provide a complete and accurate list of any over the counter medications currently taking.  It is the client’s responsibility to notify staff of any medication or dosing changes prior to making any changes.  The client is to take medications strictly as directed by the prescribing physician or on the bottle instructions.  The Recovery Home staff reserves the right to administer a pill count whenever deemed necessary.  Sharing of any medication is strictly prohibited.

The Recovery Home is an MAT (medication-assisted therapy) friendly environment and provides support around this pathway to recovery (Buprenorphine, Vivitrol, Methadone).  The program director will hold these medications in a locked safe and distribute them according to the prescribing physician’s directions each day.  Clients are forbidden to keep these medications on their personal property or on their person.  Following these same guidelines, the program director reserves the right to hold and distribute any other medications as they deem necessary.


Weapons, Violence, Acts of Aggression

Absolutely no weapons are allowed on The Recovery Home premises.  These include but are not limited to, firearms, knives, bombs, or any other device altered to be used as a weapon.

Violence, threats of violence, or any act deemed aggressive and dangerous will result in discharge from the program without refund, and may be subject to law enforcement involvement and legal consequences. The Recovery Home provides a safe environment for any and all individuals seeking recovery and this type of behavior will not be tolerated.

The entirety of The Recovery Home’s premises, and all of its occupants, including, but not limited to, Client’s person, Client’s rooms, and Client’s belongings are subject to be searched at all times.  Any refusal to submit to said search will result in the client’s discharge.


Meetings and Groups

Every client is required to attend 5, 12 step/recovery-based meetings, per week for the first 30 days, 4, 12 step/recovery-based meetings for the next 30 days, and a minimum of 3, 12 step/recovery-based meetings for the entirety of their stay at The Recovery Home beyond the 60-day mark.

Clients are encouraged to attend an intensive outpatient program (IOP) of their choosing upon admittance into The Recovery Home.  This is a vital part of continuing treatment upon completion of an inpatient rehabilitation program.  Clients that participate in an IOP will be required to attend 2, 12 step/recovery-based meetings per week in addition.

Certified Substance Abuse Counselor classes will be offered once a week.  Clients must attend, barring any conflicts with employment, IOP, a family emergency, or are medically excused

Morning meditation will be held Monday through Friday at 8:30 am.  Clients must attend, barring any conflicts with employment, IOP, a family emergency, or are medically excused

The Recovery Home will host a Certified Peer Support Specialist group monthly.  Clients must attend, barring any conflicts with employment, IOP, a family emergency, or are medically excused


Cleanliness and Personal Responsibility

The Recovery Home puts great emphasis on not only keeping our bodies clean from any and all mind or mood-altering substances but also keeping our personal spaces clean.  Clients are required to make their beds and tidy up their personal space at the start of each day.  In addition, each client will be given a chore upon which they are to complete daily.  Food items are strictly prohibited in the bedrooms of The Recovery Home

Drinks are permitted as long as they have a secure lid.


Automobiles and Transportation

The Recovery Home provides transportation for individuals who are unable to provide this resource for themselves.  Clients are able to use this resource for medical necessity, to pursue their recovery, or to pursue their current career path. This includes, but not limited to, 12 step/recovery-based meetings, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Individual Therapy, and Medical appointments.  Clients will be transported to these locations by means of the designated program vehicle following all parameters set forth under North Carolina laws.  Clients are not permitted to drive the designated program vehicle under no circumstance.  While The Recovery Home does not, and cannot, guarantee a client transportation on any and every occasion, we understand the barriers that present themselves without transportation. We do our absolute best to provide support around this challenge.

Clients are permitted to bring and utilize their own vehicles where applicable.  The client must have a valid driving license and have proper insurance coverage in compliance with North Carolina state law.

Clients are not permitted to operate any other client vehicle at any time


Visitors and Guests

Visiting hours are from 10 am to 10 pm, provided the visit doesn’t conflict with program groups or classes.  Visitors should be made aware of program policies and rules before visiting the property.  While on the property all approved guests and visitors must follow the guidelines set forth by The Recovery Home. Guests may visit common areas.  No guests are allowed in client bedrooms.


Overnight Policy

Other than family emergencies or extenuating circumstances clients are not permitted to stay overnight off property for the first 30 days.  Clients are allowed one approved overnight off property stay after 30 days, and 2 overnights off the property after 60 days.  This is a privilege and must be earned.  Clients’ progress and behavior will be considered before allowing overnight privileges.  The client must submit to The Recovery Home staff the pertinent details of the overnight stay 24 hours in advance in order to be approved.


Other General House Rules

Respect and consideration for others is a must

Smoking only permitted in designated smoking areas.

No sexual activity permitted on the property

No gambling allowed while a client with The Recovery Home

Clients are responsible for their own belongings.  Clients are encouraged not to bring valuable items. If an item is irreplaceable please leave it with a trusted family member/friend.  The Recovery Home is not responsible for the theft, destruction, or other loss of property.

Clients are not permitted to let other clients borrow money or property and are forbidden to lend any money or property

No products containing alcohol permitted on the property. (mouthwash, aftershave, etc.)

Internet services provided by The Recovery Home are not permitted for use with illegal internet usage.


The Recovery Home is safe community to come together and support you through the tough obstacles life presents.  We look forward to you joining us!!